Specialty Services

C.T. Taylor has leveraged its diverse history and background to offer some very specialized services to owners and contractors.

Custom Fabricating

Our custom fabrication shop offers the ability to fabricate anything from a handrail to a wind turbine.

Historical Preservation

When faced with the dilemma of how to safely maintain the integrity of a historic façade and build a new structure incorporating this, our vast engineering and bracing knowledge allowed this to happen.

Underpinning & Shoring

Our knowledge of structural integrity allows us to also offer underpinning of existing foundations and shoring. Underpinning involves systematic excavation under the existing foundation, installation of reinforcement and forms and pouring concrete. This normally occurs in very confined spaces. Projects occasional require supporting existing construction while work is completed around this area. The need for shoring can either occur below grade, as in a deep machine foundation, or above ground, as in the replacement of steel columns in a mezzanine.

Industrial Concrete Floors

Industrial concrete takes many forms, from super flat floors to machine foundations. If, during the construction of a new plant, there is a need for super flat floor for the machinery, we have the experience and equipment necessary to perform this work.

Machinery Foundations

If production equipment is added to the existing building, we can remove the existing floors, perform the necessary excavation and install the foundation with a minimum disruption to your operations.

Rigging & Crane Service

Our long history of steel erection makes us very capable of providing services to set equipment with a crane. Whether a piece of mechanical equipment, a crane rail or a wind turbine, nothing is too complex.

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